Land Clearing

If you are clearing land for a home site, food plot, or you are creating pasture land, Westgate Development has the equipment to make tree removal easy. Whether we are aiming to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your land or clearing to meet a requirement, we will create the environment that you envisioned.

Pond Construction

If you are dreaming of a beautiful pond or you need dam repair, Westgate development has the capabilities to assist you from start to finish.


Forestry Mulching is a cost effective way to control overgrown brush and regain access to your land. Mulching is a great alternative to land clearing. It eliminates the use of multiple machines and burning. Advantages of mulching are preventing soil erosion by leaving the roots in the ground, fertilizing the existing plants, selective cutting, and plant preservation. 


With a dirt pit in Andalusia, and access to multiple quarries around the State of Alabama, Westgate Development is able to provide you with quality materials at competitive prices. Popular products for our area are clay, sand, asphalt millings, limestone, granite, and concrete washout.

House Pads

The first and most important step in construction is laying a solid foundation. Consider Westgate Development for building pads for houses, mobile homes, trailers, and barns. We have the equipment to get your project started.


Westgate Development offers the best materials for driveways and parking areas. We install drainage pipes and boxes where needed. When you are tired of a bumpy washed out driveway, let us bring it back to the smooth surface you have been dreaming of.